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Keyword Difficulty FAQs

Difficulty Metrics Explained

EMQ is in the Page: Means the page is using the correct EMQ usage as per our proprietary recs. Can be a negative number, zero or +10.

EMQ is in the Title or URL: Based on our proprietary recommendations for title tag and EMQ usage, pages will get a zero or +10.

Page Rank: Is the basic old school Google Page rank algorithm. A very small ranking factor today.

EMQ Page Focus: NLP analysis of the EMQ on the page permalink or slug

EMQ Site Focus: NLP analysis of the EMQ and the sites domain name.

EMQ Title Focus: NLP analysis of the page title tag

Backlinks: How many backlinks pointing to the page

Paid / Organic Traffic: How many estimated PPC or Organic clicks/visitors this page is getting. Traffic is a big ranking factor.

Brand Awareness: Is the brand a household name. If it is, it’s very hard to outrank.

As Higher is more difficult, I assume the score is between 0 to 100. What’s the rule of thumb to start prioritizing keywords? What is considered as easy, 1-30?

We suggest you take the Average difficulty and double it. That will give you the position on the SERPs you can expect to hit when your page gets indexed by Google. One thing to note, this assumes you are using Keyword Spy to either write or optimize the page.

AI Content 0% Harder | Top Level Expert 0% Easier | Powerful Site 0% Easier — what does this mean?

If you are using ChatGPT or any other AI app for example, the difficulty scores will be 20% Harder. Whereas if you’re a top level expert or using a powerful site, the difficulty scores will be 10% easier for you.

Page Rank: Is it the same deprecated Page Rank on Google years ago? Or is it a different algorithm?

It’s pretty much the same. It’s only one small factor in our Difficulty scoring, unlike other tools that just rely on backlinks and page rank.

In the result, I see the stats EMQ is in Page: 0, but EMQ Page Focus:22.49. What does it mean? what is EMQ Page Focus vs Site Focus vs Title Focus means ?

EMQ in page looks at the frequency of usage of the EMQ if it hits our standards it will get a +10 making it harder, but in this case 0 means they are not doing a great job but also not over optimizing and hurting themselves. Page focus actually looks at the URL slug and we run an AI to evaluate it. Smae with Site focus, looks at the top level domain and Title focus looks at their Title tag, using the same AI for all and we score each.

What is Brand Awareness ? i see a brand awareness has score of 15. how you calculate ?

This is a unique metric we introduced you can find nowhere else that actually evaluates the SERPs for well-known brands because if a SERP has household name brands, it makes it 15% harder to rank.

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