Spy on Keywords and Competitors

Curious about your keywords and what your competitors are doing?
Check out the Reports tab on your SEOCoPilot dashboard. After you find your boosting keywords using Keywords Spy, reports are organized on the Reports page. Select your EMQ to go to the specific report.
Your Keywords Report
You’ll see several tabs/options on your EMQs report page. Don’t be overwhelmed!

Remember: if all you want to do is know the best keywords for your EMQ, just go to the Results tab. This will contain your words and phrases, which you can filter from highest to lowest score.

However, if you’re curious about language model-specific scoring, such as RankBrain, BERT and Neural Matching, feel free to visit these Report tabs. Note: our recommendation is to refer to the keywords in the Results tab when writing your content.
#Image Entity
The Image Entity section of your report gives you a glimpse of the winning images for your EMQ’s SERP. These results are based on our proprietary image testing methods.

Note that these are existing images within your SERP. You can use them for your own page, at your own risk. It is always better to use your own images. We’ve drafted some recommendations on best practices when it comes to page images.
#DOM Vector
This section gives you the ability to peek into the DOM (document object model) vector of your EMQ’s top performing pages. How your page looks is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithms. While it is not a crucial ranking factor, you can dive deeper into optimizing your page, especially if you’re in a highly competitive niche.

Select top ranking pages that are similar to your page. Click on Submit and SEOCoPilot will auto-magically churn out a DOM Vector JSON file, which you can analyze and download.

Now, we’re onto the juicy parts! As promised, we made it possible for you to peek into how your top competitors constructed their page.
1. Structure/Content Quality: This section includes crucial counts within your competitors’ pages, such as number of headers, backlinks, words and EMQs.

2. Competitor keywords: Curious about what top keywords are used by your competitors? Just select your competitors and click on Submit.

3. NLP/Semantic: This section scores competitor pages using our proprietary NLP Over Optimization and Google Semantic AI Score systems.

4. Test Pages: In this section, we give you access to the test results for your EMQ. You can also check your page and see if you’re optimized, over-optimized or under-optimized.

As we said earlier, this is the most important section. If your main goal is to find your best keywords, head to this section. Filter according to the Total Score. Create your content, prioritizing the top scoring words and phrases.