Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Co-Pilot?

SEO-Co-Pilot is your full onpage SEO solution. It is a science-based tool that uses the power of AI to get you boosts and help you dominate the SERPs!

How is it connected to Keyword Spy?

SEO Co-Pilot was formerly known as Keyword Spy ( As we developed our AI-powered tools, it became more apt to call ourselves your co-pilot. We guide you not just with keywords and in dealing with your competitors. We also makes sure you can come up with the best, most helpful pages through our Editor. We’re more than spies — we’re you’re co-pilot in navigating and finding success in SEO!

Is there a trial period?


We are currently offering a 14 day free trial and includes 2 Keyword Reports, Unlimited Keyword Discovery Searches and 1000 AI credits (roughly 750 words).  A credit card is NOT required.  Explore all the features and benefits of our modules and features today!

I want to sign up! What are my options?

You can choose from two subscription plans: the Full Plan and the Keyword Discovery plan.


Keyword Discovery limits your access to just our Keyword Discovery tool. Subscription starts at $74 a month for 2,000 keyword difficulty.

Our Full Plan gives you access to your entire SEO Co-Pilot tool deck. Subscription starts at $54 a month for 10 kwds/pages, and 2,000 keyword difficulty (Keyword Discovery searches).

To sign up, login to your free SEO Co-Pilot account. Click on your account's profile on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Select Subscription and choose your upgrade option.


Is there a group I can join for tips and tutorials?

Click here to join the SEO Co-Pilot community: