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Keyword Discovery: Getting Started

We prepared a multi part tutorial series to show you have to start keyword research on SEO Co-Pilot using our Keyword Discover module. 

This tool is so powerful, it’s like having your own top-level SEO consultant doing your keyword research for you.

First start by entering in a niche / topic keyword OR a website domain and specify the Country and Language.

Step 1: Niche / Topic keyword (link to video tutorial)

Our AI will build out a massive list of keywords combining Google Keyword planner, ChatGPT and our own AI and sort by the best money making easiest to rank for keywords.

  1. Navigate to Keyword Discovery
  2. Add your niche / topic seed keyword and fill out the target audience information

Step 2. Analyze your keywords (link to video tutorial)

The magic starts here but does not end.  We first give you a massive list of keywords you can sort and filter though using standard key metric data such as Google Ads Avg CPC or Avg Monthly Search Volume and also our proprietary metrics such as SEO Score, Traffic and Trend Value.  Learn more about these metrics by clicking on the aforementioned links.

  1. Top keywords have the highest money and traffic as well as trending over the last 12 months.
  2. Start to select keywords that look best to you, here’s a complete guide on how best to do this, and then click on Generate Keyword Difficulty.

Step 3. Analyze the results (link to video tutorial)

Unlike most tools that provide a keyword difficulty mainly measuring the Domain and Page authority (i.e. links), SEO Co-Pilot does a deep analysis of the SERP and each competitor to determine opportunities to win a position on page 1. To learn more about how we measure each SERP competitor to determine how strong or weak each position from (1-10) on the SERP is, click here.

  1. Once the Keyword Difficulty reports are finished, you will see a score in the Keyword Difficulty Score and by clicking on it you can see the SERP data for each competitor.  You’ll see how each competitor ranks for each metric we measure when calculating Keyword Difficulty.  
  2. See each SERP position and the best opportunities to rank
  3. Then review the last column which is the Total Score which takes the SEO Score and multiples that by the Keyword Difficulty score and 

Step 4: Start a Keyword Report and prepare your content brief

  1. The Keyword Difficulty will give you a major competitive advantage over your competition.  
  2. Check the keywords you want to start a Keyword Report and you can start your Content Brief for your writer.  By using this method we can ensure your page will start ranking within weeks, not months, with no need for backlinks.

Get started or Review our tutorials.

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