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SEO Co-Pilot is the proprietary SEO tool developed within Josh Bachynski’s SEO University. Find the most lucrative niches, know the best boosting keywords, and develop white-hat magazine quality articles within minutes.

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Empower Your Team with Automation

Time is Money: Don’t spend it on mundane SEO tasks! SEO Co-Pilot turbocharges your workflow by automating keyword discovery, SERP analysis and reporting, and magazine-quality content creation.

Free up your SEO team to tackle strategic and creative initiatives that skyrocket your overall online marketing results.

Smart, Data-Driven Content Optimization

Take Your SEO Game to New Levels: Dive deeper than ever before with our intelligent analytics. Gain TRUE insight into Google’s algorithms. SEO CoPilot isn’t just a tool—it’s your strategy enhancer, spotlighting hidden opportunities within your niche and prescribing the best keywords and topics. Align perfectly with user intent, every time. 

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Exceptional Quality at Unmatched Scale

Bulk Without the Bull: Ditch the compromise between scale and quality. SEO CoPilot delivers exceptionally crafted content, optimized to engage and convert. Scale fearlessly, knowing that every piece preserves the human touch. 

Quality isn’t just included; it’s guaranteed.

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Science-Backed Proprietary Quality Scoring System

Google has evolved beyond NLP. Your pages need to satisfy powerhouse algorithms, such as Neural Matching, BERT, RankBrain, Product Reviews, and the Helpful Content Update. 

SEO Co-Pilot gives you the power to ditch the guesswork. Know exactly what you need to do to rank your pages.

Our proprietary scoring system provides you with the insights and recommendations you need to perfect and rank your content.


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Your Concerns, Our Solutions

Beyond Your Toolbox
Already equipped? Perfect. SEO CoPilot is here to extend, enhance, and excel beyond your current tools with smarter insights and strategic foresight.

Focus Where It Counts
With on-page SEO streamlined, redirect your prowess to off-page elements that amplify your authority and link portfolio.

Speed Meets Efficiency
Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. Our relentless drive towards enhancing speed ensures that quick also means quality.

Tailored for High-Stakes Content Creators
Directly addressing the pain points of large-scale agencies, SEO CoPilot offers not just solutions, but transformations for handling voluminous content demands efficiently.

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