Unlock SEO Success with SEO Co-Pilot’s Keyword Tool

In the realm of digital marketing, SEO remains one of the most crucial cornerstones of a strong online presence. Through SEO CoPilot’s Keyword tool, you have a top tier SEO consultant at your fingertips.
This is SEO Co-Pilot’s secret weapon when it comes to finding the best words for your chosen niche.

1. What is SEO Co-Pilot?
It is our proprietary tool, designed to scrape your niche’s SERP, and score the words according to three tests: BERT Test 1, NM/RB Test 2, and NM/RB Test 3.

2. How does it work?
When you use SEO Co-Pilot to run a test for your niche word or phrase – or what we call Exact Match Query (EMQ) – the process starts with a SERP scrape. Words and phrases are gathered to be tested and scored, in terms of how best they work in helping your content ranks.

3. What tests are used in scoring?
SEO Co-Pilot has developed proprietary scoring methods through tests: BERT Test 1, Neural Matching / RankBrain (NM/RB) Test 2, and NM/RB Test 3. These tests are based on our persistent testings against Google ranking algorithms.

4. Do I need to understand the scoring system?
You don’t need to. SEO Co-Pilot has done the analyzing for you – as we say – auto-magically. But, it is good to have a basic understanding of how Google sees the words and phrases that you use in your content. In understanding that, you will also understand how we’ve configured our scoring system.
Remember: our scoring system is based on science, not guesses. It is the product of persistent testing against Google’s known ranking algorithms.

5. So how do I start using SEO Co-Pilot?
Read on!

Find Boosting Keywords Using SEO Co-Pilot
Here’s a step by step guide on using SEO Co-Pilot to find the best words and phrases to use in your content.
1. Go to the Keyword Spy tab on your SEO Co-Pilot account.
2. Start with a basic search for your niche word or phrase or, as we call it, your EMQ.
3. You can choose to geo-locate your search by searching for or typing in your target location under Location. This is great when you’re doing local SEO.
However, if you want a clearer picture of the onpage signals for your EMQ, choose China as Location, and then click on Advanced Options.

Under Advanced Options, set Google Domain to google.com and Google UI Language to English. Close the popup when done.
4. At the main Keyword Spy page, go to Step 2. Determine the difficulty of your niche or EMQ. 90% of pages fall under Ranking pages. However, make sure to select Very Competitive Niches if your EMQ is in a tough niche and has several established / known competitors.
5. Done? Click on the Start Keyword Spy Report button.
This whole process can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. So, relax a bit, get some coffee or tea, and let your SEO Co-Pilot do the hard work!
When you come back, you have your list of boosting keywords and can begin to write. Make sure to look at the total score. You probably can’t use all the winning words so prioritize the top scoring once when you write your SEO content.