Case Study 1: User Spotlight, Ryan Maizis and the Power of Precision SEO

Client: Name-withheld Law Firm
SEO Co-Pilot User: Ryan Maizis, Media Entrepreneur and SEO Expert  
Industry: Legal Services  
Tools Used: SEO Co-Pilot’s Keyword Discovery, Keyword Spy, and Editor  
Challenge: Quickly optimize a law firm’s website for the highly specific keyword ‘PFAS Brain Cancer Lawyer’ in a competitive niche.


Ryan Maizis, a seasoned SEO strategist and media entrepreneur from British Columbia, Canada, is an influential figure in Josh’s Underground SEO University. Known for his expertise in local SEO, Ryan has successfully tackled numerous ranking challenges presented by Google’s evolving algorithms. The campaign described below started in the late last quarter of 2023; and continues today, overcoming several challenges, including Google’s March 2024 update.


The objective was clear: leverage upcoming news related to PFAS and brain cancer to boost the law firm’s online presence. The firm needed to quickly climb the SEO ranks for both the primary keyword ‘PFAS Brain Cancer Lawyer’ and a set of supporting keywords, including ‘pfas and brain cancer.’


Ryan’s approach was methodical and strategic. Utilizing SEO Co-Pilot’s suite of tools, he began with Keyword Discovery to identify emerging search terms that competitors were yet to capitalize on. This tool proved invaluable for gaining an early advantage.

With precise keywords at hand, Ryan employed the Keyword Spy tool to delve into the critical BERT items necessary for his content. This insight allowed him to tailor his content to align with what search engine algorithms want, focusing on query intent from the onset.

The fast development of content was crucial. Ryan managed to create and optimize content for 18 different pages within an extremely tight timeframe, ensuring each page answered the user's intent by the second paragraph.


To enhance the site's SEO structure, Ryan applied various tactics currently tested and endorsed by Underground SEO University. This included the development of siloed content and implementation of on-page optimization recommendations, creating a robust framework that significantly boosted the site's relevance and authority.


Ryan’s efforts paid off spectacularly. The targeted page quickly escalated to the number one position on Google within just three days for the keyword ‘pfas and brain cancer.’ For the main keyword ‘PFAS Brain Cancer Lawyer,’ the site continues to maintain high rankings, demonstrating the enduring impact of Ryan’s SEO strategy.
Several supporting keywords/pages also experienced significant and sustained boost. In fact, many of these are currently at #1.

Continued Success

Ryan’s success with the law firm’s website is a testament to the effectiveness of combining timely, high-quality content with strategic SEO tools and tactics. He continues to leverage his expertise to maintain and improve rankings, ensuring the law firm remains at the forefront of its niche.

Ryan Maizis exemplifies how precision, quick action, and the right tools can lead to remarkable SEO success in even the most competitive industries.