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Integrations: WordPress

WordPress, a giant in the blogging sphere, fuels an astounding 43.3% of all web domains. Now, with the bridge built between SEO Co-Pilot and WordPress, publishing your high quality SEO Co-Pilot crafted content directly to your WordPress site is a breeze. Follow this detailed guide to integrate seamlessly:

Connect Multiple WordPress Domains

Connect up to 3 WordPress domains to your SEO Co-Pilot account. Craving more info? Click here to upgrade to our Team plan, which allows unlimited WordPress sites.

Step 1: Download the SEO Co-Pilot Plugin: Initiate the integration by installing the SEO Co-Pilot plugin for WordPress.

Head to the Account menu and click on Integrations

Then Download our Plugin.

Coming soon: Alternatively, leap directly to the installation via this link: SEO Co-Pilot Plugin

Step 2: Log into your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New

Step 3: Click on Upload Plugin

Step 4: Drag and drop the keywordspy-plug.zip plugin file and click on Install Now.

Step 5: Click on Activate Plugin

Step 6: From your left menu hover over Settings and click on SEO Co-Pilot and click on Connect

Step 7 Then you can navigate back to Interrogations to see you’ve successfully connected Your WordPress site to SEO Co-Pilot.

Image 1924 Press the grey WordPress logo to publish your crafted article

Step 8: To use the integration head to content editor and click on the wordpress button in the toolbar

Select the connected site and Status (either Draft or Publish) and continue.

Send to draft or publish immediately.

Note: Multiple WordPress Sites Connection Your SEO Co-Pilot account can be linked to up to 3 WordPress domains, enabling you to channel your content to any connected site effortlessly. Dive into the details below to kickstart:

Just head back to Integrations and add new WordPress site as you did above.

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