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Real Customer Testimonials

I use Keywordspy a lot and it helped me an amazing amount, as in my SERPS went from nothing to the top of the first page. But with this... My RPM quadrupled as I was able to hone my copy to a point where even great SERPS helped insanely, but I was seeing the *right* kind of traffic as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who has a website and can follow simple directions. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and am recommending this to all my friends, both business owners and SEO experts. You can never have enough software variables to perfect the art, and this is a big one!
I'm not usually the type to leave reviews, but man, this tool's a lifesaver. I quickly found topic ideas and saw their difficulty scores, helping me figure out where my efforts would pay off the most.
Their ranking percentage calculator is pretty spot on, I recently tested one of my keywords and landed on page two for a term with 5400 searches per month and a cpc of 2.50.
Honestly, I think it does a better job than SEMrush. For what you pay, it's a steal.
The "Keyword spy" name has been around for quite some time. I was part of their original "keyword spy" system. After finding out they were producing an ENTIRELY new tool, I jumped on this LTD right away. So far, it's nothing short of amazing. The only hope, is that the 3 stack - offering up 10K discovery, will be enough.
I've been using Keyword Discovery, and I'm thrilled with the results. Its user-friendly interface makes keyword research a breeze, and the accurate data helps me find the best keywords for my content. Plus, the customer support is excellent!!! A+++ It's become my go-to tool for SEO success!
I initially took advantage of the Appsumo coupon tailored for the Discovery function, intigued by its potential. After some hands-on experience, it became evident that its capabilities were vast and impactful. The capabilities of Discovery opened my eyes to areas of SEO I hadn't fully leveraged, particularly the intricacies of on-page optimization. Recognizing this gap and the potential for sustantial improvement, I took the plunge and upgraded to the Content Editor. When I saw the price tag of $144, it was a no-brainer. And I've come to realise - a complete steal/bargain.
I have been doing SEO since 2007 and have used many tools over the years, and I can tell you that this keyword tool is made by people who know SEO inside out. I was blown away with its performance.
Forget traditional keyword research. This is the real deal. If you do not believe me, do a comparison test with Ahrefs for example.
Okay so I don't have much of a frame of reference to compare keyword discovery against other tools. I'm a solopreneur who is currently having to fulfill the roles of all my future team members. That means I've rarely had time to run proper blog strategy or pay for top tools to get me ranking. But in the last four days, I've put a lot of time into familiarising myself with keyword discovery and also keyword spy. In the beginning, it was confusing to know where the former ended and the latter began (But one thing that's not confusing for anyone who has done some due diligence, is the fact keyword spy is not part of the LTD - the developers have repeatedly emphasized this) Futhermore, keyword spy is not being upsold, it simply reprents the next stage in writing a blog with A.I assistanve if thats what you need, you don't want to wing it, and you don't already have another tool in your tech stack. The developers have offered a special lifetime discount if you do want to use keyword spy and thats something i'm happy to pay for. Afterall, they recurring income to keep developing the tool and hopefully see it hit the mainstream.
This really help streamline my process and help me scal my agency, with results that sell. Awesome product.
Over the past 18 years, I have tried and tested many keyword research tools, and the Keyword Discovery tool has emerged as the most beneficial among them. This tool leverages Al and Google's Ad Keyword Planner data to switfly provide not only a selection of partinent keywords but also a wealth of highly valuable data.
One of the standout features of the Keyword Discovery tool is the keyword difficulty assessment, which can be likened to the Keyword Golden Ratio, but supercharged. Additionally, it offers versatile data managment options, allowing users to sort and filter data using various options and export it to a CSV file for external use.
From conducting keyword research to exploring niches, this tool has proven to be the best in my experience, seamlessly combining efficiency and comprehensive data provision.
This SaaS can be a great tool in the future. Despite being in its early stages, it shows tremendous potential. I believe it's the typical Appsumo offer that, if you miss it, you'll regret it and eagerly await its return. I've had the opportunity to speak with Greg, its creator, and he is an accessible and attentive person, addressing each of my questions and concerns. I hope its development continues and it becomes one of my favorite purchases!
Keyword Discovery is a powerful keyword research tool that helps you find the right keywords to target for your SEO campaigns.
Since I have been using Keyword Discovery I have been very impressed with its accuracy and performance. It will help me to improve my clients SEO rankings and traffic significantly.
It is very fast and efficient. I can get results for my keyword research in minutes not hours. It is very comprehensive. It is easy to use.
Overall, I highly recomend Keyword Discovery to anyone who is serious about SEO. It is a powerful tool that can help you to improve your clients rankings and traffic.