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Results Keyword Tests

One of the major competitive advantages that SEO Co-Pilot has is it’s scoring of keywords that you should use on your page.  Our keyword research goes through three (3) tests.  

  • BERT Test 1
  • NM/RB Test 2
  • NM/RB Test 3

BERT Test 1

BERT, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is how Google decodes phrases.  Our testing scores each word based on their usage in the top bi/tri/quad grams.  If the word appears at all, we give it a +1.  If it shows up at least once in a top bigram, we give it +1, top trigram +1 and top quadgram +1, with the highest possible score of 4 when adding all these together.  

NM/RB Test 2

Neural Matching / RankBrain Test 2 involves proprietary testing that we cannot disclose fully, however, we can tell you that we look at all the pages/content in your SERP (up to 100 pages of content), run an in depth analysis and sort the pages from most “semantically related” to least.  Then we extract the top keywords from the top 10 pages and give those keywords +10.  

NM/RB Test 3

Another test that is a proprietary method, we can say it’s one of the most powerful tests we run to provide the keywords Google will love on your page and your competitor has no clue about. While they leverage tools that use NLP or LSI keywords, you will actually get keywords that test Google’s actual on-page algorithms.  Leverage these keywords in your content, metadata and headers and dominate your SERP.

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