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Important Definitions to know when using SEO Co-Pilot

  • EMQ – Exact Match Query or your Target/Main keyword.
  • PMQ – Partial March Query.
  • Spread Keywords – Keywords important b/c they are found in your competitor pages.
  • DOM Vector – Our proprietary testing of the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Image Entity – Our proprietary testing of Google’s Image AI that will produce image sources that can and should be used in your page with proper citing. 
  • BERT Test 1 – We test BERT phrases from the SERPs and extract the best keywords based on the frequency used in top phrases and score them from 0-4.  
  • NM/RB Test 2 – Proprietary testing method Neural Matching and RankBrain words allocated +10 points for each winning word.
  • NM/RB Test 3 – Proprietary testing method that further analyzes and finds the best synonyms / metonymy that are scored from 0-10. 
  • CMQ: Converted Match Query, i.e., any term that Google regards as the exact same as the EMQ, e.g., folding e-bikes; if Google Ads Keyword Planner shows the same volume and price to your EMQ for a keyword, its is a CMQ
  • QIEMQ: Query Intent Exact Match Query, i.e., the query that reveals the user intent that is actually behind most people searching for the EMQ, e.g., “buy a folding e-bike” or “find information about folding e-bike usage”
  • QICMQ: Query Intent Converted Match Query, i.e., a little different than QIEMQ, e.g., “purchase folding e-bikes”, but Google still recognizes it as being the same as the QIEMQ
  • QIOMQ: Query Intent Off-Match Query, i.e., similar to the QIEMQ, but just different enough so that Google does not recognize it as being the same as the QIEMQ, e.g., “purchase a folding e-bike” or “best folding e-bike”

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