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How To Generate a URL Slug, Title, and Meta Description

To generate URL slugs, titles and Meta Descriptions click the SEO tab in the content generator. 

Under the SEO tab, you will have access to the area in the image below: 

The red arrow pointing to the book icon called the “Show Usage info” section will help you spy on your top 10 competitors showing you exactly what they are using for their own URL slugs, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions. 

The yellow arrow pointing to the pencil icon will help you generate unique URL slugs, page titles and meta descriptions that will improve your chances of ranking in the SERPs. 

Helpful Tips

  • After generating ideas for each one, always ensure that they make sense based on your experience with the niche. Sometimes you will need to further customize your titles and meta descriptions but try not to remove any of the recommended entities in the white boxes below the forms. 
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