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How to Find and Use the Entities Section

SEO Co-Pilot software uses entity recognition technology to identify the entities in a webpage and analyze their relevance and importance to specific search queries.

When you use SEO Co-Pilot to research keywords, the software analyzes the entities on the top-ranking pages for those keywords. It looks for patterns and themes in the content, such as specific entities that are frequently mentioned or closely related to the keyword.

The entities section on the content editor page will let you know the approximate number of words and phrases you need to rank your article on the first page. 

  1. Find the Entities tab by clicking the “Content” button in the middle of the right hand side of the page. 
  1. Click the Entities tab and you should the following drop down menu: 

Key Points To Know

  • By following the entity suggestions provided by SEO Co-Pilot, you can ensure that your content is optimized for the entities that are most relevant to your target audience and search queries.
  • Any time you click the “Check Work” button, you make live updates as you are adding words and phrases that belong in your article and those that don’t. 
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