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Content Improver/Paraphraser

The AI Spy Content Improver lets you revise sentences and paragraphs by adding your main topic or keyword and the text you want to rewrite.  Additionally you can also improve passages by highlighting them in our content editor. Click the “Improve Content” icon. If you are happy with the copy, replace it with your existing copy.

This AI will rewrite the text provided to be in the active tense, use less words and less oft-used turns of phrase, and reword common words to make new words ultimately ot make you sound smart 🙂

Now, let’s take a  look at the leading tool on the market, Quillbot vs SEO Co-Pilot AI Spy writing tool – Content Improver.

We borrowed some text from wikipedia on the topic Zebra

Zebras are primarily grazers and can subsist on lower-quality vegetation. They are preyed on mainly by lions, and typically flee when threatened but also bite and kick. Zebra species differ in social behaviour, with plains and mountain zebra living in stable harems consisting of an adult male or stallion, several adult females or mares, and their young or foals; while Grévy’s zebra live alone or in loosely associated herds. In harem-holding species, adult females mate only with their harem stallion, while male Grévy’s zebras establish territories which attract females and the species is promiscuous. Zebras communicate with various vocalisations, body postures and facial expressions. Social grooming strengthens social bonds in plains and mountain zebras.

The block of text above was inputted into each site and the results were fascinating.


AI spy content improve aims to be more direct and to the point while using 

AI Spy text:

Readability Flesch-Kincaid Score: 10.5 (College Graduate)

Quillbot text:

Readability Flesch-Kincaid Score: 10.5 (College Graduate)

If you have not used the AI Spy Advanced AI Detection tool yet, it’s basically our proprietary method of evaluating any text and its predictability aka AI text.  We offer 3 metrics

  • Overall Predictable (this is the percentage usage of Topk_10 tokens i.e. Predictable words)
  • Avg Predictable Length (the number of topk_10 tokens words in a row on average)
  • Worst Predictable Length (the largest run of topk_10 tokens)


While Quillbot is an amazing tool and can be used for free (max 125 words) to rewrite and paraphrase content to make it almost undetectable AI text), AI Spy performed better.  In terms of Readability, they both scored a College Graduate level as did the original Wikipedia text.  

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