SEO Co-Pilot: How it works write up and videos

With such aggressive competition, should I really start up a blog? NGL, but this was one of the thoughts that I had in my mind in 2018.

When I started up, I knew nothing about blogging except writing content, basic on-page, and very little knowledge about backlinks. After filtering tons of niches, I chose a niche and started posting articles. I wasted about 6-7 months on writing and publishing the articles —- I say “wasted” because I wasn’t targeting the right keywords.

To start with, this isn’t a guide to keyword research but a solution to help you find the right competitor for your blog (leaving you with tons of easy-to-rank keywords)

Suppose you settle down with some niche but what next? Are you going to repeat the same mistake that I made in 2018? 

Level Up Your SEO Game with SEO Co-Pilot

Age is not just a number, at least in SEO, and we have tons of evidence that support this statement. If you are starting up a new blog, the ideal step to follow after niche selection is to make a list of starter sites (less than 12-15 months old) in your niche. 


  1. Treasury of low competition keywords
  2. Potential backlink prospects (referring domains)

These sites themselves are great for building contextual links and can be cracked easily as starter blogs won’t mind free content. 

But how tiring it would be to check each domain’s age on and save the filtered data in an excel sheet, isn’t it?

To make this process easier, we built SEO Co-Pilot —- a tool that filters the search results with specified age, helps you understand the keyword difficulty, find starter sites & easy-to-rank keywords. 

With a simple keyword search, SEO Co-Pilot shares tons of useful data, especially for someone just starting up.

Here’s a list of things you can get with KeywordZebra:

  • Decent Starter sites/competitors in your niche
  • Opportunities to Build Contextual Backlinks
  • Potential clients who are Newly Indexed on Google
  • Easy to Rank keywords

DOPE, isn’t it? 

Save yourself hours of tiring research and get started with SEO Co-Pilot Extension.

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