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SEO Co-Pilot is the proprietary SEO tool used and abused by Josh Bachynski’s most successful students and apprentices.

Developed behind years of rigorous, scientific testing on the Google SERPs, Josh has finally unleashed his SEO University’s private “SEO cheat code” unto the world.


Josh's SEO University is Lightyears Ahead of Other SEO Testers.

Josh Bachynski is a TEDx Talker, Philosopher, University Teacher, Technologist, and CEO with over 20 years business branding, marketing, and Digital Tech experience.

For the better part of a decade now, Josh’s students have dominated the SERPs with their scientifically-tested SEO tactics and have left other SEO testing groups in the dust.

SEO Co-Pilot is the only tool on the market that is powered by REAL scientific method, engineered and supported by hundreds and hundreds of controlled Google SERP tests!

SEO Co-Pilot offers an unfair competitive SEO edge.

Craft the most helpful and on-topic content that google has been engineered to love. Secure that featured snippet and uncover the best keywords, HTML structure, images, and more, giving you the ultimate advantage on your competitors.

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Unlock the Ultimate SERP Competitor Analysis Tool!

Gain TRUE insight into Google’s Algorithms with the unique power of SEO Co-Pilot. Effortlessly manipulate the search results with our methods backed by scientific testing.

Automatically stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm changes! Don’t Get Left Behind!

**Works for both global and local searches

What is
SEO Co-Pilot?

SEO Co-Pilot is the only scientifically backed on-page SEO tool that empowers SEOs to navigate modern search.

While many on-page optimization tools still rely on NLP for keyword suggestions to boost content relevance and topicality, here’s the twist:

Google has evolved beyond NLP! They openly embrace powerhouse algorithms like Neural Matching, RankBrain, BERT, Product Reviews, and the Helpful Content Update to understand and rank content.

Don’t get left behind chasing ranking factors of the past! It’s time to ride the wave of innovation with SEO Co-Pilot! 🚀

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Recover from Google Algo Updates: HCU / Product / AI

Use SEO Co-Pilot’s advanced AI transformers to show TRUE expertise to Google beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Uncover SECRET rules and demotions that Google has customized for YOUR niche. Dial in your pages and reap the benefits!


Write Content Google Loves with our Intelligent AI Editor

Create valuable and on-point content in just a few clicks! Our automatically generated pages come with built-in SEO Co-Pilot Optimization that effortlessly passes any AI filter. Never worry about indexing AI content ever again!

Refine old articles with our AI Rewrite Assistant. Share seamlessly with your team and guarantee boosts with automatic Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Headings, Featured Snippets and much, much more!

*Copyscape & Grammarly Premium integration included!

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Organize Your Projects Efficiently and Scale Out Your Growth

Create projects to organize your searches & work efficiently to finally make sense of the madness.

Reduce hours and hours of on-page competition research into minutes with SEO Co-Pilot’s tried and tested methods! Your clients will be amazed!


Unlock Science-backed Onpage Precision

Get REPEATABLE Ranking Boosts:
Find keywords guaranteed to surge your rankings!

Uncover hidden insights within YOUR niche, exploiting them in an instant!

Produce THOUSANDS of high quality, helpful, expert articles in a month!

Take back CONTROL of YOUR LIFE from Google updates and STAY on page #1!

Tired of sifting through the SERPs for basic keywords?

Discover Keywords Effortlessly.

Use The RIGHT Keywords, ALL of The Time

Find the top lucrative and low-competition keywords in an instant! Let SEO Co-Pilot do it all for you!

Level Up Your SEO Game in Mere Moments

Automate bulk SERP analysis on-demand. It’s like hiring an expert SEO to do all your research in a few clicks!

Truly Accurate Keyword Difficulty Score (FINALLY)

Exploit all-encompassing scores feat. InTitle, InURL, Page/Site Focus, DA, Backlinks, EMQ Density, and more


Be More Topical. It Drives Results!

SERP Testing on Auto-pilot: Reap the benefits of our tested ranking factors! Let us worry about the analysis.

Detect bad AI content before you publish with KeywordSpy’s Super Intelligent AI Writer!

Get it all in one place – keywords, optimal HTML, images, title tags, headings, meta descriptions and more

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"I just wasn't gtting anywhere with other tools that simply provide competitor averages and NLP keywords. KeywordSpy actually tests Google's AIs and gives you the best words to use in your article"
"With KeywordSpy, I know I am staying up to date with any or all Google changes! The fact they use Google SERP data and do not rely on what your competitors are doing all the time is a game changer. I finally know what I'm changing is actually tested to boost"
"If you're a busy SEO like me, this tool reduces 1 hour of competitive on-page research into 10 seconds. The data this tool produces is crazy good and does not exist in any other tool on the market, trust me, I've tried them all"

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